Friday, April 24, 2009

We're BACK!

I know the two of you who read this blog have wondered where we've been, even perhaps were concerned something had happened to us. Well, worry no more! We're back. Our computer just stop functioning a week or so ago. The repairman says facebook is to blame- shame on him. He used some fancy wording which included the word highjacking. I told Brian certainly that was a mistake. Who would want to highjack our computer? Certainly he was confused. Needless to say, we now have our computer back and praise the Lord, my pictures are still on my computer. Yes, I am one of those reckless souls who doesn't back up her pictures. They are all on my hard drive, but come this weekend, that problem will be fixed. My facebook time will be limited in the future. The repairman recommended that I limit myself to a few minutes each time I log on. He has seen around 10 computers with facebook issues this week alone. Brian has installed some program to hopefully help this problem, so maybe he'll let me back on in a few days. All that to say, we're alive and well. VERY Busy, but well. Stay tuned for some new notes and photos of the recent weeks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Agirama

By Wednesday of our Spring Break week, I was beginning to go stir crazy. Brian thought it was in his and the kids' best interest to get us out of the house. We were searching for a quick day trip, when Brian came across an ad for the Agirama. We had talked about stopping there several times coming from Valdosta, but had never taken the time to do so. This seemed like as good a time as any, so we bundled up and headed to Tifton. The kids enjoyed the day and I think it's always good to get in a little history lesson during Spring Break (I am a teacher, you know!). We forget just how far we've come in 100 years. I often think it would have been nice to have lived in a past era when time seemed to move slower and there with fewer distractions for our children. I am not sure however after visiting the Agirama, if I would have been hardy enough to have survived. Jordan loved the trip and is already planning another. If you're looking for a living history lesson to enjoy with your children, we would suggest you take a step back in time to 1910 at the GA Agirama!

Jordan at the well

Brian and the kids on the train

Anna pumping water for use in the Dr.'s office


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was a special day at Central Baptist. The children of the church sang in the morning service. After the service, our children's director organized a nice meal for all the families. They had a Easter egg hunt and a time of reflection on what the Easter season is all about. My kids had a great time, as well as my niece and nephew, who happened to be here for the weekend. Brian took lots of photos, since I was able to go because of my accident. I am so glad we are fortunate enough to attend a church that loves children and values the importance of teaching them about our savior!

Getting ready to head out to church

Singing in church

Anna and Abi

Luke (or should I say Basket Head)

Jordan, Anna & Abi

Anna running after an egg

Those who found the fewest eggs got a special "treat"

Anna & Jordan after a successful hunt


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sping has Sprung

Jordan and Anna enjoying a brief moment of sibling love

Anna and Jordan were going uptown to have their pictures made, so I snapped a few in the backyard first. They are growing up so fast! They don't mind the matching outfit, as long as it's only about one per year. We are so excited about today's warm weather. It was so nice to be outside.


Friday, April 3, 2009

The Orlando "Trip"

Wednesday morning at 1 am I left for Orlando with my students from school. A three day world wind trip to Sea World, Islands of Adventure, and Kennedy Space Center. I was really looking forward to the trip. About 4 am, we stopped at a welcome center on the GA/FL border for a potty stop. It was raining, so I was running to avoid being soaking wet when I got back on the bus. I guess the Lord knows I don't need to be running. I attempted to jump over a puddle, and when I landed, I landed on the curb instead of the sidewalk. I fell face first into the asphalt. My face went numb immediately and blood was everywhere. I jumped up and headed to the restroom to check the damage. The teachers I teach with are very good in crisis situations, and took very good care of me. They informed me I would not be going to Orlando, but would instead be headed to the closest ER. They insisted I needed stitches. After trying to argue with them that I was fine for about 5 minutes, I gave up and they called my closest friend from Valdosta, Rhonda to come and get me. Rhonda awoke from her deep sleep and transported me to SGMC, the hospital in Valdosta where my children were born. After some stupid questions from the triage nurses (like do I consider myself a fall risk? I mean come on- do you see my face?) I was put in a ER bay to wait. I had the nicest doctor and nurse. The doctor said he wanted a plastic surgeon to fix my face so I would have less chance of scarring. I have several strawberries on my upper nose and chin and a good gash above my upper lip. Thank goodness, Brian arrived before the sewing and kept me calm (many of you know of my fear of needles and hospitals). By about 9:00 we were done and headed home. I am so thankful I didn't break any teeth or hurt my head any worse. I am thankful I have a friend named Rhonda who always comes to my aid, no matter how early or how costly it will be for her. She is the best. She kept me laughing and calm throughout the whole experience. All in all, I was reminded of several lessons today. God is always in control. He worked out so many details, form the fact I was in Valdosta to the fact that this hospital had a plastic surgeon on call. He worked out the fact that I have spring break next week and can stay inside and not have to go and see people. He also reminded me that just like Rhonda, he will never leave me nor forsake. He is always there when I need him. Needless to say, if you're looking for a monster for Halloween cards next year, let me know and I will send my face shot from Wednesday. (Yes, you know I had to take a pic for my scrapbooking, but I am not bold enough to share it here, sorry!)