Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JSL Spring Dance

The Junior Service Leagure held its annual Spring Luncheon and Dance this past Saturday. The luncheon was a lovely occasion with a wonderful fashion show. The dance was really fun with a great 80-90s band. You know it must be a fun time if I stayed up til midnight! All in all it was a good day spent with friends.


Braves Win!

Jordan getting a little coaching advice from Brian

Jordan batting

Run, Jordan, Run!

Jordan and friend, Cameron

Too cute!

Last minute advice

Jordan's first tball game was Monday. The game was full of hilarious actions. Kids were throwing the ball at one another and running to the pitcher's mound after they hit it. It was really a comedy of errors, but lots of fun for the huge crowd. Jordan had his own cheering section. He played well. We had a celebratory supper at Monroe's after the game with several teammates. Look for more exciting play by play to come in the weeks ahead.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's a Pig Party

Today, some wonderful friends of ours hosted a BBQ. A major BBQ, with the whole hog. It was an all day affair for some men who arrived at dawn to put the pig on the barbie. We went over about 1:00 and enjoyed sweet fellowship with many friends. The family that hosted the event are very gracious hosts and go out of their way to transform their yard into a children's dreamland. This year they had a zip line, tree house, seesaw, and various "wild game" items planted around the yard for the children to find. This is a dream come true for Jordan. He came home with many new treasures. The food was delicious, the fellowship sweet, and the play was dirty. I believe Jordan brought home a pound of sand on his face and arms. All in all, I can only think of a few ways I would rather spend a Saturday. I am blessed to live in small town Georgia where we really know how to enjoy a pigout!

At the end of a long day- do we look tired or what?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Today, Anna's school is celebrating Read Across America Day, which also pays tribute to Dr. Suess. Anna's school was invited to dress up as a Dr. Suess character and they had special guests coming to read to her class. Mimi is going to read to Anna's class this afternoon. Anna has always loved the Dr. Suess book Daisy Head Maisy. We used to check it out frequently from the library in Valdosta when we lived there. This weekend she made a daisy and attached it to a headband, so she could be Maisy today. She worked hard on this project and I was proud of her creativity.



Yesterday, we experienced something that is a rare treat in south Georgia- SNOW. They had predicited it for a few days, but we never believed it would actually happen. As we got ready for church, it began to fall lightly, but soon stopped. Later that afternoon however, the bottom fell out, so to speak. It came down in fluffy drops for well over an hour. It was so pretty. The kids loved this special treat and enjoyed playing in it. They made snowmen and threw snowballs at one another. After about an hour outside, everyone was cold and wet so we ventured in for hot chocolate, or warm milk in Anna's case. We thoroughly enjoyed this special blessing and have memories to last another 10 years or so until the next snowfall.

Jordan and I- I didn't have a hat, so I improvised with a scarf- Aren't I lovely?

Jordan launching a snowball

Jordan and Papa involved in snowball fight

Jordan and Anna with the snowman they built

Anna, Jordan, Nana and Papaw

Anna and Mimi on Mimi's porch-Watch out Papa!

Can you tell Brian is not a cold weather fan?