Monday, August 17, 2009

Centrikid Camp

Anna and her camp counselor- Coach Peter
The four wacky chaperones fromCentral

Anna performing with the praise team on talent night

This summer, the kids from our church had the opportunity to go to Centrikids camp. The camp was held at Toccoa Falls College in northern GA and was EXCELLENT! It was by far one of the best weeks of our children's ministry thus far in my opinion. We took a group of 13 students and 4 chaperones. Both of my brothers have worked Lifeway camps, and I was anxious to see what all the hype was about. Well, I must say, all their talk was truth. Camp was so awesome! It was so exciting to see children worshipping and desiring to learn more about Christ. The camp staff was super. I have never seen a group more intentional about sharing the love of Christ in the lives of the campers as this staff was. I can't say enough about camp. The kids came home fired up, wanting to tell the kids that didn't go what fun it was. It was a life changing week for all that were involved, and I might have learned more than any of the students!

Anna during recreation time
Even recreation time had a biblical purpose
Anna at OMC- the funnest part of the week

Laura and I at the top of the falls- Shh- dont' tell


Cape San Blas 2009

For the past couple of years, our family has visited the small beach town on Cape San Blas on the panhandle of Flordia. It is paradise. Small town, no restaurants, just good family time. The resort we stay at is very family friendly. Swimming pools, tennis courts (out our backdoor this year), playground, and lots of winding non-busy streets for walking or bike riding. Think panama city and then think the direct opposite of it. We enjoyed our week at the beach. The weather cooperated. It was hot, but the water was gorgeous and the kids had a blast "riding the waves". It was a wonderful week, and I am already dreaming of next year's vacation.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jordan's Birthday

In June, we celebrated Jordan's sixth birthday. We tried to keep the celebration somewhat low key. We didn't plan an elaborate party, but we did have a large family get together. After Anna's softball game, Mimi & Papa, Nana & Papaw, Brent and Megan came over to our home to celebrate Jordan's special day. We ate cake and ice cream and Jordan opened many nice gifts.

Jordan on his new scooter-skateboard.

Jordan opening his gifts

Indiana Jones cake


Playdoh Playdates

One day this summer, Jordan had a friend come home with him from day camp. Cambelle and Jordan played well together and did lots of fun things, but their favorite activity was playdoh. They took the playdoh onto the front porch and played for an hour or so. It was easy to clean up and encouraged creativty. You should have seen the food creations they made.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Softball Season

This Spring Anna began her softball season. It began sometime around the first of May. She played in a young girls league for ages 7-9. This team was the wildcats. She has played in this league for several years now, and has grown to love the sport. When that season was over, she joined a bigger girls league that was just beginning. These girls were from 10-14. Well, Anna is only 9, so to say I was a little apprehensive is putting it mildly. Some of these girls are going into the 8th grade and they are terrific ball players. They can throw hard, hit hard, and are very aggressive. Well, Anna was not to be outdone. She got right in there and began to learn from them. The speed on the pitching machine is faster in this league, but by the end of the season, Anna was hitting the ball pretty consistantly. I am so proud of the improvements she has shown. This older girls league was a wonderful learning opportunity for her. Brian helped coach the team, and did a fabulous job might I add. Anna's team, 2 Extreme, finished in 1st place for the season, and 2nd place in the tournament. Now that softball season is over, I don't know what we'll do several nights a week. Oh, that's right, Brian's back to football. Well, i am sure the kids and I will find something to fill in our time.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day Late

I let Father's Day get by without posting about our day and I am sad. I have the most wonderful fathers in my life and I want to pay tribute to them. My father is the most wonderful man in the world. He has the funniest personality, and lights up a room when he enters. He is very entertaining, and people love to have him around. He has taught me the value of serving others, and is a wonderful role model. He has has been a true picture of my heavenly father, and for that I will be eternally grateful. All of my siblings look like my mom, but of course I had to be the odd ball, and I look more like my dad. I hope that I also inherit his sunny disposition and servant spirit.

I also inherited a super father-in-law. Brian's dad, Mr. Dale, is a powerful handyman, and will tackle any project thrown at him. He passed this on to Brian and I am so glad; there seems to be no shortage of projects around these parts. Mr. Dale is also a servant and goes out of his way to help others. He will give you the shirt from his back if needed. He taught Brian what a godly man says and more importantly does, and I am so thankful Brian had this kind of a dad. He loves my children and will do anything (Literally- ANYTHING) they ask of him, and they've since learned the power in this.

I am so lucky to have been blessed with Brian as my husband. He is an excellent father. He goes so much beyond what I could have ever prayed or asked for. He is such a good helpmate to me. He does more work around our house than I do, and he is one mean cleaner. He irons, washes clothes and dishes, fixes lunches before school, and completes a myriad of other tasks without (hold your breath) ever having to be asked. He looks for ways to serve our family, and I know what a lucky lady I am. He loves our children, and they love to spend time with him. Anna is becoming just like Brian. She is a fierce competitor and loves a challenge. She has inherited his bulldog nature and is as stubborn as the day is long. Jordan, too, is picking up on Brian's traits. He has learned the value of being a gentleman in today's society. He loves to be outdoors like Brian, and wants to make others feel important. More than anything, he is nurturing their spiritual growth. This will have eternal rewards, and I am so grateful my children have a dad like Brian.


Today our family know the feeling of liberation. Jordan had tubes put into his ears two years ago. For the past two years, our family has had to keep up with earplugs. We have taken them everywhere we go for two years. Bath- need earplugs. Beach- need earplugs. Slip and Slide- need earplugs. You get the point. For the first little bit, it seemed okay, but lately, with all the summertime activity, it has gotten to be a nuisence. Jordan's left ear tube came out a while ago, but he has been hanging on to the right one up until today. A week or so ago, we noticed you could see (with Brian's ear looking thing) the tube. Today, I took Jordan to one of our favorite ladies, Mrs. Mary, the nurse practioner, and she took it out. We feel so free. No more keeping up with the earplug. We feel like parents whose children has given up the pacifier. It could not have come at a better time, either. We are leaving for the beach in a few days, and I am very glad that I don't have to reserve a spot in my bag for the ear plug!

I just releazed how blessed I feel to have nothing more significant to blog than an earplug! Thank you Lord that my family is healthy and there are no major problems today to report!Signature

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moving Day for Nana and Papaw

Today, my mother and father moved into a new home here in Americus. Mom and Dad have been in Americus for over eight months, but they have been living in a small cabin that belongs to some friends from church. The cabin was nice, but small for living in for such a long period of time. Their home in Newnan was finally leased, and they found a home in Americus that met their needs. Today was a day long coming. Mom was so happy to get her belongings from her home in Newnan that she has been without for so long. Jordan was very excited about seeing the moving van and helping unpack their stuff. The home is very nice and I know that it will be a place where many happy memories will be made. Stay tuned for pictures in the future! So in the words of extreme home makeover there's only one thing left to say: Welcome Home, Wicker Family, Welcome Home.

Honey Hush!

Tonight I received a special treat. Paula Deen was in Americus to speak at a dinner on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club . The tickets to see her were very expensive, and although I love Paula Deen, I couldn't afford a ticket for the dinner. However, Brian's dad came across an extra ticket and I was able to go to the dinner with Brian's mom. This was such a special treat. She was her usual funny self; she gave her life story and talked about the importance of never giving up. She even kidded around and told funny stories about time spent with another VIP in attendance, former president, Jimmy Carter. She used some of my favorite words like suga & butta, and she seemed like someone I would love to spend more time with. Mimi even waited in line to get an autograph for Jordan, who is one of Paula's favorite fans. He would love to be a chef one day, and we own several Paula Deen cookbooks that he likes to try to cook recipes from. This night was definitely one of the highlights of my summer!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day at the Lake

Today we enjoyed a fun day at Lake Blackshear with our family. We went down to a friend's cabin with Nana and Papaw. It was a hot afternoon, with off and on again sprinkles of rain. The kids were at first unsure about the water, because they had never swam in a lake before. After Nana got out in the water with them for awhile, however, they got used to it and had a ball. Papaw, Brian and Anna did some fishing, and the kids floated around on an inter tube. We grilled hamburgers for supper and had a great time together on the deck. It was a great day filled with many firsts and memories!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Today, Jordan celebrated his sixth birthday. It hardly seems possible that six years ago our family of three couldn't imagine life with a little boy. We wondered where we would put the bows and how he'd look in pink. Now, six years later, we can't imagine life without our boy! Jordan is a treasure to our family. He is loving and kind, and has the best imagination of any child I know. Even as I type, he is running around the dark house with his new night vision goggles on, pretending to be a spy. He has shown such growth over the past year. He has learned to tie his shoes, read a book, and how to better aggravate his sister. He is still my little boy, though. He still forgets to zip his pants, regularly puts on his clothes backwards or inside out, and loves to play in the dirt. Best yet, He still enjoys cuddling with his mom. It is exciting to watch him mature into the man God will have him to be. I am so blessed to have been given the charge of nurturing him, and look forward to the plans God has for him.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Davis Family Gathering

Today, Brian's extended family had a get together in Adrian, GA at his Aunt Janet's home. The family tries to gather together at least once in the summer, and since Janet has a pool, her home is the ideal location. Today was cloudy and a little cool, but the kids still swam and had a large time. There was food galore, and I don't think anyone went home hungry. I have been with Brian for about 18 years, so I feel like they are my family. It was fun to hang out with them and catch up on their lives. I hate that they only get together about twice a year. I am blessed to get to be a part of a family like this!

Jordan, Sydney and Tucker

Brian and Jordan were twins

Brian's cousin Jeff, Becky and Sydney

Anna with cousin Olivia