Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Roast a Thanksgiving Turkey

The following is an activity Jordan's teacher did with her class. Thought you might enjoy reading the simple minds of children.

By Ms. Jeffcoat and Mrs. Atkins’ Kindergarteners
November 2008

Don’t forget to get a bow and arrow from the bow and arrow store. Make sure the bow and arrow is camouflaged so the turkey won’t see it.

Look for a barn and some ditches to find the right woods. Go into the part of the woods where all the turkeys live. If you want a really good turkey you have to search for the fattest turkey with good meat on it.

When the turkey gets real still cause he is taking a nap in the daylight, shoot him in the neck so you don’t hit the good meat. Use a big, sharp knife to cut all the nasty stuff off like the nose, feathers, and the red gobble thing that is hanging on the bottom of his chin.

If you don’t want anyone to take your dead turkey let someone in your family stay in the woods and guard your turkey. Go buy a truck (it will cost a lot of money) then go back to the woods put the turkey in a trap bag net. Put the turkey on a towel so you don’t stain your new truck.

When you get home put the turkey in a round, plastic basket and wash the turkey with some pink bath washer soap or green dishwasher soap. Rinse the turkey off with water and dry him with a towel. Use the same towel you had in the truck so you don’t mess up another one.

Put the turkey in a big, round, gray pot with a black handle that leaks the juice out.

Make sure you buy a stove. When the red light is on, the stove is hot. Put the turkey pot on the stove and turn it up until the turkey cooks for 30 minutes. If the turkey is hot wait for it to get cold.

Cut the turkey with a big, sharp knife and put it on a cute little Thanksgiving plate. Then decorate the table with a Thanksgiving sheet. Gather your family and your cousins and sit down to eat. That will be it. Don’t forget the desserts !! Happy Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving at School

Jordan's teacher forwarded these pictures of the group this morning, and I thought they were too cute not to share. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soccer Season continues

Anna's soccer regular season ended a few weeks ago. Her team was the champions for her league. They all seemed to enjoy playing and had lots of fun together. Anna was chosen as one of 3 players on her team to play on an all-star soccer team to represent our rec dept. They will play in Gainesville, GA the first weekend in December. Last night they had a scrimmage against a co-ed team from Cordele. They lost 3-0, but this really wasn't' so bad considering Anna's team is all girls and the co-ed team was barely co-ed with only 2 girls. Here are some pictures of the championship game a few weeks ago.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jordan's School update

Thanks to many of your prayers, Jordan seems to be doing better in school. He seems to be making more friends, as evidenced in the picture. We have tried to focus on the fun things he's doing at school and it seems to help. He has not tried to get out of going to school lately, and even walked down to the bus without me the past two days. This is a big improvement and allows me more time to get ready in the morning. Anna is still riding the bus with him and that helps. He had a great report card and he performed best on the social aspects, so there is hope yet. Anna also did great on her report card, with her lowest grade being a 94. I keep telling Brian I knew they took after me. He is relieved they do!

Jordan and his friend Cameron in PE

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anna vs. The Trashcan

Yesterday as we arrived home after school, Anna volunteered to go to the road and bring the hobo (the large trash can for all you non-south Georgians)up to the house. Well, Anna and Jordan thought it would be fun to race while she pulled this trashcan that was larger than her. Needless to say, she lost the battle. She fell in the driveway and scraped her shoulder and popped open the skin by her eye. Brian doctored her up with a few steristrips, and she headed out to socceer practice. I guess she's tougher than we think her to be.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Saturday was Brian's birthday. He had two basketball games to cover and the rest of us went to a craft show in Moultrie, so we didn't get to spend a lot of time together. We had our family dinner at his mom's house on Sunday. Everyone was there- his brother and wife, my mom and dad, and of course our gracious hosts, Mimi and Papa. It was a nice night of family fun and fellowship. Happy Birthday Brian!