Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What we've done today

We are so enjoying our extra week out of school. Since it's been warm, we've been able to spend time outdoors. The kids have gotten to open many of their new toys and have had a good time playing with them. Here's all we've done today:

  • We've played the Wii- our skills are improving daily.
  • The kids have watched a movie or two.

  • Brian has tried, although unsuccessfully, to load Anna's new MP3 player. Help anyone?
  • Audra has played around on facebook.
  • We've played with Jordan's new magnets.
  • Anna's enjoyed a baseball game with the neighbors, in which she beat all the boys might I add.
  • Jordan and Brian put together a bird house given by Uncle Jeremy for Christmas and Jordan and Audra painted it and hung it in a tree outside.

  • Anna (on her Rollerblades), Jordan (on a scooter), and Audra (on her two feet) walked around the block.

So far we've had a fun day and are looking forward to a few more before school resumes next week. We hope our day will culminate with Papaw coming over to try his hand at the Wii Fitness. Certainly he won't be outdone by Nana last night.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A warm December Day

As anyone in south GA knows, we have had unseasonably warm weather this past week. Friday afternoon, all the Wicker gang gathered at our home and we were able to enjoy the warm weather by playing outside. It was nice to not have to wear big heavy coats, as the temperature has been in the 70s. Brian is especially grateful for the warm temperatures as we all know how much he hates the cold weather. He could be seen sporting shorts on Friday. Jeremy, however, did not like the fact the with the warm weather came the gnats. Welcome back to life below the gnat line. How quickly you forget those pesky creatures, huh Jeremy?

Uncle Jason giving Anna some tips for her new roller blades

Papaw and Jack playing basketball

Nana makes a layup shot- Yep, she's still got it!Go Granny Go!

Uncle Jeremy doing what he does best

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas Photos

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Christmas we had. We were able to spend lots of quality time together with all of our family, and we had a blast! It began with a birthday supper for Nana on the 23rd. The next day, we went to a Christmas Eve brunch in Albany at the home of a friend, and then back to Americus to celebrate the true reason for the season at a Christmas Eve service at church. This service was extra special for Anna since she was able to participate in her first Lord's Supper. She reports that the food was actually not so good, but it was still neat to have a part. The kids got up early Christmas morning to find the cool gifts Santa had left and open the gifts under the tree. Later in the morning, Mimi, Papa, Brent & Megan, Nana, Papaw, Jason and Jeremy came over for a Christmas morning "breakfeast" as the kids like to call it, to see what Santa had left. Next was lunch and gifts at Mimi and Papa's where more gifts were exchanged and a delicious meal was enjoyed. After lunch, it was home to set up the new TV and Wii that we got for Christmas. Next, we were off to Nana and Papaw's borrowed cabin for supper. Although the cabin's quarters might be small, it made it seem that much more homey and close. We had a wonderful day making memories that will last in our hearts for years to come. We were able to spend lots of time with Jen and her family, as well as Jeremy and Jason over the long weekend. It was so nice to be able to spend time with family. Jordan summed it up well, when he was asked by us what his favorite gift was that he received . He answered, "the love I receive from my family". We are so blessed and it's nice to have this time of the year to celebrate the gift of our savior and the gift of family!

Anna and Jordan with the new Wii

Mimi opening gifts

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks California Gang!

Part of our family lives in a kingdom far, far away (aka California). A few days ago, we recieved Christmas gifts by mail from them. The kids were delighted with their presents. Anna says you can never have too many pocketbooks and the webkin is a precious addition to her collection. Jordan has enjoyed racing the hot wheel cars on the racetrack. We hope you read this post and know that we love you and miss being with you during this holiday season!

Special Day

Not only is today the eve of Christmas Eve, it is more affectionately known at our home as Nana's birthday. Tonight we will celebrate with Mom and Dad at a local restaurant, where mom says No cake is allowed. My children are especially grateful Nana is living in-town now, allowing them to see her more often. I hope today is a special a day for her,because she deserves it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


This Thanksgiving the Wicker family celebrated at our home on Thanksgiving night. Jeremy and Jason drove in, as well as Jen and her family. We had a nontraditional supper of hamburgers (everyone gets tired of turkey, right?), and enjoyed the time spent together.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sorry for the interruption of Services

We apologize for the lack of activity on our site lately. Our computer has been acting up and so we had to take it to the shop to be repaired. Well, after having to basically clean everything off, we are now in the process of adding all our programs back to the computer (anyone have access to Microsoft Office?- We can't find our disk!). This has been a time consuming process. I promise lots of exciting info and pictures next week. We have been busy and we'd love to share our activities with you. Check back soon!