Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We LOVE our Uncle Jason!

We had a special visitor drop in yesterday. Uncle Jason called and said he would be spending the night with us on his way to visit a friend. The kids were so excited! After a few wrong turns, he got to the house late last night. This morning he played games with the kids and then we went to the pool. Uncle Jason was a fun pool mate. They had conversations under the water, threw each other off the floats, and played a mean game of "monkey in the middle". By the time he left this afternoon, the kids were tired. We enjoyed this special treat and can't wait for Uncle Jeremy to come home so we can spend time with him also.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Newest Soccer Star

Anna has found a new sport she enjoys. Our church's children's department has sponsored a soccer camp the past few nights. The children have learned to trap, control and kick the ball. They have learned to work together as teammates to accomplish a task. They have also learned just how hot it still is at 7:00 on a humid night in Georgia. Most importantly, however, they have learned about Jesus as they listened to the devotion each night. Anna has really enjoyed the camp and is sorry that it will end tomorrow with a game day. She is thinking about playing soccer with the rec dept this fall. Who knew my prissy princess would be such an athlete?

The First of Many...

Welcome to our blogging adventure! We've created this blog as a way to keep family and friends up to date on our ever changing lives. Most of you know how much I enjoy scrap booking, and I like to think of this blog as my online scrapbook. Now, you will be able to come and browse the scrapbook whenever you get the notion (or have nothing better to do). We are excited to give you a glimpse into the crazy lives of the Davis'. We hope it will inspire you to live in the moment and create some memories with your own family!