Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year-Happy New Blog!

Well, not really a new blog, just a new start on an old blog. Last year, I intended to get this started back up, but wasn't very successful. I am going to give it another try this year.

2011 started rather quietly for us this year. Brian and I spent New Year's Eve at the Junior Service League Dance where I was officially sworn in as president of the JSL. What an exciting and nerve wracking night. We had a great time at the dance. The food was excellent and the band was fantastic. Brian had a ball dancing the night away. Jen and Travis were able to come and join us and that helped make the night that much more memorable.

New Year's Day we ate lunch with Brian's parents and then went to Nana and Papaw's to play with the cousins. After spending the entire afternoon putting together a ridicously hard UGA puzzle, we headed home in the drizzling rain. It was a rather quiet New Year's day, but the kind I most prefer. After all the holiday activity, it was nice to have no where we had to go or anything we had to do.

Here's hoping this New Year is filled with fun and exciting family time spent together!

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